Hosting Provider Requirements


Hosting providers offer the core open-source functionality of the SEED Platform™ as a hosted service to end-users. The current hosting providers are listed on the techical ally page.

The purpose of approving hosting providers is to ensure that the SEED Platform trademark is being properly used, and end-users who use a SEED-branded service get the experience and core functionality they expect from the SEED Platform application. The operating principle is that modifications to the core open-source code are not allowed, other than minor modifications needed to register plug-ins or make cosmetic changes for purposes of branding the provider’s service offering.


A company offers a subscription-based service for the SEED Platform software at the web site

Benefits to Technical Ally

  • Official standing as Technical Ally, including promotion and recognition opportunities
  • License to use SEED Platform trademark
  • Limited technical support
  • Access to SEED Platform Collaborative community (ability to share product/service offerings with users, user forum, Collaborative calls and webinars, events such as the Better Buildings Challenge)


Hosting provider Technical Allies must meet these requirements annually:

  • Pass the SEED Platform hosting approval requirements (described below)
  • Execute a SEED Platform trademark sublicense with LBNL.

Approval Process

Please see the Hosting Provider Approval Process document.

Begin the process by submitting a request to the Data Tools Help Desk.