App Developer Requirements


Application ("App") developers use the SEED Platform application programming interface (API) to offer value-added services using data hosted in SEED Platform.


A company could use the SEED Platform API to create mobile apps or web sites that offer new data visualization, summary statistics, and extended workflows.

Benefits to Technical Ally

  • Official standing as Technical Ally, including promotion and recognition opportunities
  • License to use SEED Platform trademark
  • Limited technical support
  • Access to SEED Platform Collaborative community (ability to share product/service offerings with users, user forum, Collaborative calls and webinars, events such as the Better Buildings Challenge)


App developer Technical Allies must meet these requirements annually: - Demonstrate an application built using the SEED Platform API either by: - (a) calling the APIs of the LBNL-hosted instance of SEED, or - (b) sending the SHA of the SEED version they are using and server logs verifying the API calls. - Execute a SEED Platform trademark sublicense with LBNL.

Approval Process

To be approved as a SEED-Platform Technical Ally, software contributors must follow this process:

  • Develop a stand-alone web or mobile application using the existing SEED Platform API endpoints,
  • Contact the SEED Development team using one of the methods on the contact page to express interest in becoming a Technical Ally or hosting provider,
  • Demonstrate your application's functionality to the SEED Development team,
  • Documentation must include:
    • Screenshots of app
    • Version of SEED API it is built for
    • List of API endpoints used
    • If app is browser-based, screenshot of browser debug screen showing API endpoints accessed

Please note that any individual or organization is welcome to develop stand-alone apps for the SEED Platform APIs. Official recognition as a Technical Ally is only required when the organization wishes to use the SEED Platform trademark and logo to publicly identify their contributions to the SEED Platform Collaborative.