seed.lib.mappings package


seed.lib.mappings.mapper module

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:author Dan Gunter <>


Take the columns in the format below and sanitize the keys and add in the regex.


raw_data – list of strings (columns names from imported file)


list of dict

seed.lib.mappings.mapper.get_pm_mapping(raw_columns, mapping_data=None, resolve_duplicates=True)

Create and return Portfolio Manager (PM) mapping for a given version of PM and the given list of column names.

The method will take the raw_columns (from the CSV/XLSX file) and attempt to normalize the column names so that they can be mapped to the data in the pm-mapping.json[‘from_field’].

seed.lib.mappings.mapping_columns module

SEED Platform (TM), Copyright (c) Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC, and other contributors. See also

:author Nicholas Long <>

class seed.lib.mappings.mapping_columns.MappingColumns(raw_columns, dest_columns, previous_mapping=None, map_args=None, default_mappings=None, threshold=0)

Bases: object

This class handles the probabilistic mapping of unknown columns to defined fields. This is mainly used in the build_column_mapping API endpoint.

add_mappings(raw_column, mappings, previous_mapping=False)

Add mappings to the data structure for later processing.

  • raw_column – list of strings

  • mappings – list of tuples of potential mappings and confidences

  • previous_mapping – boolean, if true these these mappings will take precedence


Bool, whether or not the mapping was added


Remove mapping suggestions that do not meet the defined threshold

This method is forced as part of the workflow for now, but could easily be made as a separate call.


threshold – int, min value to be greater than or equal to.



property duplicates

Check for duplicate initial mapping results. Duplicates exist if the first suggested mapping for two different raw_columns are the same. The example below would be one of those cases.


List of raw col

property final_mappings

Return the final mappings in a format that can be used downstream from this method {

“raw_column_1”: (‘table’, ‘db_column_1’, confidence), “raw_column_2”: (‘table’, ‘db_column_1’, confidence),



Grab the first suggested mapping for a raw column


raw_column – String


tuple of the mapping (‘table’, ‘field’, confidence), or ()

resolve_duplicate(dup_map_field, raw_columns)

If there are duplicates, that is two raw_columns are trying to map to the same suggested column, then select the next available one on the duplicate column. The one with the highest confidence will ‘win’ the duplicate battle.

  • dup_map_field – String, name of the field that is a duplicate

  • raw_columns – list, raw columns that mapped to the same result




Set the initial_mapping_cmp helper item in the hash. This is used to detect if there are any duplicates. The initial mapping cmp will be the first match in the list (i.e., the one with the highest confidence).


raw_column – String, name of the raw column to set the initial_mapping_cmp



seed.lib.mappings.mapping_columns.sort_duplicates(a, b)

Custom sort for the duplicate hash to decide which raw column will get the mapping suggestion based on the confidence.

seed.lib.mappings.mapping_data module

seed.lib.mappings.test_mapper module

seed.lib.mappings.test_mapping_columns module

seed.lib.mappings.test_mapping_data module

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