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Importing Data

Importing Meter Data

SEED 2.6.0 incorporates the ability to import interval meter data. The document linked below explains how to import meter data from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and Green Button files

Field Mappings

List of SEED field names for Mapping data

Data Cleansing Rules

List of currently implemented data cleansing rules


GIS Features

SEED v2.5.0 and above incorporates some GIS functionality

Excel™ Files

Multi-Tab Files

Multi-tab Microsoft Excel™ files are only partially supported by SEED. It can read a Microsoft Excel™ file that has multiple tabs, but it will only read the first tab, so make sure that the data you want the program to import is in the first tab. If the mapping screen only has one field in it, this might be the problem.

Date Fields in Excel™ Files

If you are importing an Excel™ file (XLS, XLXS) into SEED, make sure that any field defined with a "date" format in Excel™ actually has data in it that is a date. If a field has non-date data (such as an integer) in a date-formatted field, SEED will not import that record.